Weft-Faced Designs for 2 to 4-shaft weaving is a decided departure from Paul's other publications, and his second career: exploring and explaining double weave.

In 1982 he started to study the number and variety of designs that can be obtained with just two colors of weft.

Only two structures are included, plain weave and 2/2 twill with an emphasis on designs that can be obtained when from 2 to 12 pick sequences are used.
It is difficult to envision the weft-faced designs we will obtain using traditional drafting methods.

Difficult until now, that is.  Paul devised a diamond grid system to create the drawdown area of a draft. Then he wove them to prove that his grid system worked! Over 200 patterns are illustrated!

Weft-Faced Designs
is an invaluable resource for weavers who focus on rugs, saddle blankets, and even table runners.
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