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A Twill of Your Choice-the book, was written by Paul O'Connor and published in 1981 by Interweave Press.

Paul and his son Michael, working together, with the help of the University of Minnesota's equipment and punch cards, produced what is possibly the first book for hand weavers for which a computer was used to generate drawdowns.

The book's primary title is a bit of a misnomer.  Its secondary title,
Color-and-Weave Effects, is more accurate.  It is treasured by those who own a copy, but long out of print, until now that is!

A Twill of Your Choice-the CD consists of weaving files in WIF format.  Instructions, illustrations, and text are in PDF format.

The CD, on which Paul and Margaret collaborated, is a new edition of the original book containing many more of the color-and-weave designs of its predecessor.