Level 1: The focus is not on what a weave design program "does" (though certainly that is included) but what we can do with it.  How computers have enabled us to weave in a way we could never have envisioned in the past.

Learn weave design, not by following a program manual, but by creating exciting designs for weaving on a 4 or 8-shaft loom. 4-block double weave on 4 shafts, block substitution, namedrafting, snowflake twills, turned drafts. . . The variety of topics is dependent on the pace of participants, frequently we are able to tackle some Level 2 methods. Participants need to have rudimentary skills in both weaving and computers! Of interest to weavers with looms of 4 or more shafts.
User-friendly workshops, seminars, and programs offered at guilds, regional and national conferences, and at Studio 5200.  Come spend a balmy winter break in Tucson, Arizona!
Level 2: Introduces such design topics as interleaving, parallel and network threadings, double weaves, thick 'n thin, lace, and tied threadings. Time permitting, creating liftplans with digital design programs is introduced.  Suitable for quick learners or those with experience either in computers or weaving. Of interest to weavers with looms of 4 or more shafts.

Level 3:
Extensive exploration of designing liftplans using graphics programs such as Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Photoshop® Elements. Of interest to weavers with looms of more than 8 shafts.

Software required for the workshop is installed on participants' laptops in advance. Detailed instructions are provided prior to the workshop.
Workshop:     2 - 3 days
Seminar:        2 - 5 hours
Program:        1 hour