Rainbows, variegated, gradations, warp painting, overdying dingy yarns . . . but most of all a stressless day mucking around with color.

Offered as a 1 or 2-day workshop. We dye with methods that some may consider the opposite of "precise".  It's a fun, relaxing day producing not-too-easily replicated colors.

Instructions for fiber preparation provided in advance.
Precision dyeing and this workshop is all about "good" dyeing--methods which allow the studio dyer to create consistent colors which result in light- and wash-fast fibers, yarns, and fabrics. Using six hues and mild chemicals, every color in the spectrum can be dyed.

Included are discussions on:
  • Color theory
  • Techniques & Safety
  • Record Keeping
Participants dye:
  • Primaries
  • Secondaries & Tertiaries
  • Tri-chromatics
  • Chroma Bridges
  • Gradations
Participants leave the workshop with a binder of handouts, samples of up to 300 colors with recipes, and a CD with calculation spreadsheets.